Monday, April 25, 2005

good .NET links

.NET=========1. What ASP_NET Programmers Should Know About Application Domains
2. WSE webcast,295011,sid8_gci970124,00.html
3. Good Video
4. Calling a Web service frm JS

4. Prevent multiple login
5. .NET questions
Delegates and Events
Db programming using ADO.NET- Good articles
Database Vendor Independent Code with Improved Connection Pooling
Design an Effective Data-Access Architecture
Strange things with IsPostBack
Custom Collection generator----------------------------
Darius - Colorblind song--------------------------
Ajax: a New Approach to Web pplications --------------------------Very very interesting, talks about "Asynchronous JavaScript + XML", the technique
that drives Google Maps, Gmail, Google Suggest etc. [I especially like the linked
analysis articles, must read if JavaScript is part of your toolset]
Using strongly typed collections with the ASP.NET DataGrid control===================
Communication using ports in C#=================================
Improved Caching in ASP.NET 2.0===============================
Building a better wait page--------------------------
Desktop programming in .NET---------------------------
Important C# samples--------------------
Interesting anti-microsoft sites-------------------------------


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