Friday, August 27, 2004

One can not create folders of name like NUL, AUX, CON, COM1-4, LPT1-3, and PRN

U cant Create these folders 'coz

NUL, AUX, CON, COM1-4, LPT1-3, and PRN
are reserved words used for Devices

These are specified in IO.SYS. Here is a list:

CLOCK$ - System clock
CON - Console; combination of keyboard and screen to handle input and
AUX or COM1 - First serial communicationport
COMn - Second, Third, ... communicationport
LPT1 or PRN - First parallel port
NUL - Dummy port, or the 'null device' which we all know under Linux as
CONFIG$ - Unknown

con, aux and prn stand for 'console', 'auxiliary' and 'printer' and stand
for output devices."


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